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Virginia's Heartland
CRC Mission

CRC CEDS VISION STATMENT:  To promote a powerful, connected, and resilient Heartland economy by working with localities to improve quality of life, leverage education, and strengthen infrastructure.

In 1968, Virginia was divided into planning districts based on the community of interest among its counties, cities and towns. A Planning District Commission/Regional Council is a political subdivision of the Commonwealth chartered under the Regional Cooperation Act  (Section 15.2-4207) by the local governments of each planning district. As such they are a creation of local government encouraged by the state.  The purpose of Planning District Commissions, as set out in the Code of Virginia, Section 15.2-4207, is to encourage and facilitate local government cooperation and state-local cooperation in addressing, on a regional basis, problems of greater than local significance.

The Commonwealth Regional Council is one of 21 Planning District Commissions within the State of Virginia.  The Commonwealth Regional Council serves the Counties of Amelia, Buckingham, Charlotte, Cumberland, Lunenburg, and Prince Edward. The Council is comprised of an appointed Representative from each participating member, as well as an appointed Alternate.  This individual represents the interest of their jurisdiction in all business brought before the Council.

The Commonwealth Regional Council provides a variety of technical and program services to member local governments. They include grant application assistance, management services for program implementation, development/update of Comprehensive Plans, transportation planning, emergency services planning, environmental planning, and land mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) services.   The Council considers itself an “arm” of its member jurisdictions, providing both expertise and cost savings.