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Virginia's Heartland
Virginia’s Heartland has a strong agricultural heritage.

Virginia’s Heartland has a strong agricultural heritage. Many Farmer’s Markets and roadside stands, offering locally grown produce, can be found in the area during the Spring, Summer, and Fall growing season. Pick-Your-Own farms for strawberries can be found in several locations, and several of the counties have Christmas Tree Farms that offer “cut-your-own”. Tobacco is still grown in the area and orchards also dot the landscape. Livestock, including cattle and dairy cows, poultry, corn, wheat, soybeans, and vegetables are also abundant. The average farm size is 220 acres. Grapes for wine are also starting to take hold, and wineries are beginning to crop up in the region. Horses are also popular and the region has several horseback riding trails.

More agriculture data for each of the counties is available at Census of Agriculture website.