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Virginia's Heartland
Nottoway County

Nottoway county is known as the growing edge of Virginia’s Golden Crescent due to its favorable, central location in the Piedmont region of Southside Virginia. Nottoway is located approximately 61 miles from Richmond, 41 miles from Petersburg, 51 miles from Emporia, and 115 miles from Raleigh, North Carolina. Nottoway’s proximately to larger urban areas makes the County an ideal community for small town economic development and revitalization.

Nottoway county is home to an estimated 15,520 residents. The County’s land area is 314.7 square miles, which makes the County’s population density 49.32 persons per square mile.  The County is home to three towns – Blackstone, Burkeville, and Crewe. Located right outside of Blackstone is Fort Pickett, which is home to a National Guard unit and the recently opened Foreign Affairs Security Training Center (FASTC). The FASTC is a U.S. government facility that provides security training to Department of State personnel and members of the foreign affairs community.


The county of Nottoway was formed in 1788 after legislative was passed to split Amelia County into two sections. Nottoway got its name from the Nadowa, a tribe of Indians from the Iroquois Nation that inhabited areas along what is today the Nottoway River. Nadowa is an Algonquin word meaning “rattlesnake.” The name “Nadowa” was anglicized to “Nottoway” by English settlers who came to the area during the 17th and 18th Centuries.  In the late 18th century, the Counties three towns where incorporated. During the Civil War, Nottoway was the site for the Battle of the Grove. This battle was fought over the control of the rail line that was used to provide supplies to General Robert E. Lee’s Army. In the 20th century, Nottoway economic profile diversified further into the industrial and commercial platforms mirroring the citizens skills. Today, the County still sees a viable economic landscape allowing for small and large businesses to thrive and to continue to diversify.

Recreation Activities

Nottoway County has several recreational activities available for residents and visitors alike. Nottoway is home to several public lakes that are available for boating, fishing, and swimming. These lakes include: Nottoway Lake, Crystal Lake, and the Fort Pickett reservoir. When residents are off the water, they also enjoy hunting a variety of local game. Nottoway has other activities available for residents to enjoy too. The Nottoway and Crewe Country Clubs allows members to enjoy the nine-hole golf courses, swimming pools, and country club facilities. If you are looking for more geographic specific activities, the Blue Ridge Mountains and various beaches are just within a two hour drive from  Nottoway citizens. So no matter your outdoor activity of choice, Nottoway provides you with a multitude of options.

Nottoway’s rich history, rural climate, and central location allows for the county to be a perfect community to work and/or play. Whether you work within the county or commute to the larger city, Nottoway provides its residents with the option to enjoy the small town charm with the accessibility of  big city activities.